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Khao Stories: Who goes to Supper Clubs?

Sitting together at the dinner table, shoulder to shoulder, is the epitome of communal exchange where we gather and share stories, moments for catching up or relief from the day, all whilst enjoying a shared meal.


At the very core of a supper club is a dining experience that encompasses social exchange and interaction. It's a place where people come together, not just to eat but to socialise and enjoy an evening out.


We often get messages from people who want to come but feel intimidated or nervous to come alone and they often ask, "Who goes to a supper club?". The answer is; “you”, you go to a supper club. Whether you attend by yourself, with your partner, sibling, housemate or parent, a supper club is more than a place to try new food.

It's a place to come out of your comfort zone, a place where you just might discover something about yourself you'd never known or had forgotten! If you've ever wondered who goes to a supper club, here are some encounters from guests at our table:

"I was sat with a friendly-looking couple and an older gentleman who was also attending alone. I was honestly excited but also nervous to be coming alone! I thought it might be awkward to strike up a conversation with the couple, but they're the ones who asked me whether I'd had this kind of food before and if I often go to supper clubs. As we got to talking, I found myself quickly relaxing as the couple began exchanging travel stories with me, making it clear they had a wealth of great tips! I'm so glad I went, walking away I felt so uplifted and confident in myself, plus I felt really inspired to book another tip away and another supper club! Honestly, stepping out of your comfort zone led to the most rewarding experiences." - ST

"I am new to the city and used to go to a lot of supper clubs back where I'm from, so I was pretty excited to see this is a thing here in London, too! Although I must admit I did not think I'd be this nervous, I was pleasantly surprised once I sat down. Everyone was introducing themselves and sharing what they do/where they're from. I exchanged three Instagram profiles with new friends that day! We haven't met since but we're planning to go to a supper club together soon!" - RP

 "First time, did not know what to expect. I was told about this supper club by my mate so I thought why not! I was pleasantly surprised, everyone I was with was really chatty and friendly, which really made the evening quite fantastic. I think if I hadn't sat with these people and just my mate and me, it wouldn't have been the same experience at all! If you go, please please make sure you chat with the people around you, you don't know what you might find out!" - LK

"I don't often talk about myself but I am starting a new business and so in between conversations, I happened to mention that I'm looking for a graphic designer. Lo and behold, I'm sitting across from someone who does freelance graphic design work on the side! We connected and they've helped me create my branding and I'm so glad I spoke up. You just never know where you'll meet someone at the right time!" - JH

"We wanted to go out and experience something a bit different in London and also catch up with one another and eat something a bit different. As well as catching up with old friends, it was wonderful meeting interesting new people I would have never met. It was special to try out a new culinary experience.” - RV


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