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At Khao Suppers, it is about more than just the food, here it's personal.

Born out of the idea to share the dishes we have enjoyed since our childhood but rarely found at an eatery in London, Khao Suppers presents a range of dining experiences.

The roots of Khao Suppers lies in the story of its founder, Punam Vaja. A born and raised East Londoner, growing up with strong Gujarati influences is what drives the core of the dishes we serve. As well as the food, what made a lasting impression was the hospitality shown to every guest who came to visit the Vaja home. Each visitor is spoilt with cups of chai, sweetmeats or savoury snacks. Grandma was particularly skilled in her hosting abilities and always made sure no one left without a full belly and hearty smiles! 

​The cooking style at each Khao supper club is a combination of recipes and dishes passed on from Punam's mum and dad. Mum shared the traditional dishes that give that feeling of home, as well as her upbringing in Mumbai adding flavours of street-food yumminess. Dad, on the other hand, shared a much more care-free, exploratory approach, always using his instincts when it came to spice and balance in flavour. His early upbringing in Uganda and East Africa meant he introduced a lot of different ingredients to the kitchen, which together combined with mum's more traditional cooking meant an abundance of flavours and dishes. We've grown up enjoying mogo and matoke side by side with our shaak rotli!


Thus, Khao Suppers was born, infusing the lessons passed on from decades of traditional dishes, served with a new flair and a big smile! 


On a sunny day in June 2018, we laid out the table cloth, set the cutlery, and prepared a four-course meal to welcome our guests to the first-ever Khao supper club. This humble celebration was the first in the Khao Suppers story, where the premise was simple; homecooked meal, a communal dining table and the company of like-minded people.


Four years after our first event, we continue to share our love of food, as we make new friends and add new chapters to the Khao story. 

Whether you enjoy trying new cuisines or love food, we welcome you to join us. As well as new dishes, a supper club is an opportunity to meet like-minded people and to discover things you might have never otherwise gotten the chance to.


Our supper clubs are all about stepping out of your comfort zone and finding out incredible things, so we invite our guests to do the same and see what they might discover! 

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Click to watch as Punam, the founder of Khao Suppers shares the moment that started her journey into supper clubs, how influences from her childhood inspired her to share the dishes and flavours she grew up eating and her love for simply connecting over good food and great company!

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