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Khao at Home: 
Conversations with you

Khao at Home is a special video series where we speak to our friends about their cooking journey, sharing wholesome stories from their kitchen to yours.  

We started our series with the story of someone who inspired our own cooking, our father, Bhikhu.


Cooking since he was in his 20's, the enthusiasm he shares from over 40 years of experience is really seen in his dishes.


Watch Bhikhu as he is in his element, telling us his top tips and reminding us how nothing beats the taste of homemade cooking! 

For the second instalment we visit Komal at her home in Dubai. She shares her story of how learning to cook was not for "pleasure" but her duty as a girl who 'should' know how to cook. A tradition echoed in many Gujarati and Indian homes, Komal shares how she made those lessons her own and how she passes these teachings on to her two boys.


With us being here in London and Komal in Dubai, the conversation was held on zoom, as we watched her cooking away and sharing wonderful little anecdotes from her kitchen, to ours.

Like many cooking-enthusiasts, Kush's food journey started when he watched his parents in the kitchen, sharing their love of different foods with him. At age 13, he realised he wanted to create both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes and so got into cooking in these early teenage years.


Kush invited us around, over the summer and served us a three-course meal, we were really spoilt! Watch as he creates a delicious Paneer butter masala dish and tells us about his inspiration and favourite spices to cook with.

A slightly grey day in London set the backdrop for our visit to Zakiya's home. What stood out from our visit to her home the most was the warmth and hospitality she showed us, instantly making us feel at home.  Watch as Zakiya prepares Upma, a popular savoury breakfast dish originating in South India.


Zakiya tells us about her food journey from her hometown Bangalore to living here in London. Watch, as we learn about her inspirations and love for food, feeding others and her cooking tips for anyone looking to get in the kitchen.

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