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Gajjar Halwo ( Carrot Pudding)

Prep Time:

10 minutes

Cook Time:

35 minutes




- 1 cup grated carrots - we used baby purple ones from surplus veg! 

- 1/3 cup sugar

- 2 tsp ghee or more if you like

- 1/3 cup milk - diary or vegan. Can also use cream

- Finely chopped nuts of your choice


1. Wash, peel and grate the carrots. 

2. In a non-stick, heavy base pan, add the ghee and keep the heat on medium. 

3. Add the carrots and continue to stir every so often, making sure the carrots don’t overcook on the bottom of the pan. 

4. After 10 minutes of cooking the carrots, add the sugar and stir well.

5. Allow all the sugar to dissolve, this depends on the type of sugar you’re using. You want to make sure all the moisture from your carrots evaporates. 

6. Now add the milk, and let the mixture cook, constantly stirring so the milk doesn’t burn on the bottom. 

7. Keep stirring, and checking the carrots are cooked through. This should take around 15 minutes, longer if you have more carrots! 

8. Once the carrots are cooked through and the mixture sticks together, remove from the heat. 

9. Finish with a garnish of finely chopped nuts of your choice and enjoy alone or with vanilla ice cream! 

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