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Khao Suppers and antera coletivo presents “The Foundations of Spice”

On a Sunday afternoon, Punam of Khao Suppers along with Mariana from antera colectivo held a workshop where we looked at food and art from a different perspective. For the first half, Punam took participants through a journey of six key spices and shared information on their origins, properties and use. The session explored the different natures of the spices and how to get the best out of cooking with them.

For the second half of the workshop, Mariana facilitated an open call for the participants to use the spices in anyway, from powder form to whole spices, and created art work with these. We saw each one create something colourful and interesting with what they were given. It was a fun, deep dive into the versatility of the spices that ended with a family style meal.

Lunch time sandwiches
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