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Khao Suppers in Tomar, with Insensato Cafe Livraria

During the summer, we were approached by Selma who runs a quaint cafe and bookshop in a small city called Tomar, North-east from Lisbon called Insensato Cafe Livraria. It was really flattering to be approached for one night of Gujarati feasting, but even more exciting when we had so many bookings, we had to extend to two night.

So on an early October morning, we packed our bags and spices and made our way to the beautiful city of Tomar. Sat along the Nabão river, it's a place with rich agriculture and one of the last Templar towns. It's always a challenge to be hosting a supper club in a new place - from ingredients shopping to prep, there's loads that happens to make sure each evening goes well. But we've always found the graceful and kind nature of people continues to be helpful, where ever you go! Thank you to everyone in Tomar who joined us for two nights of Gujarati feasting and thank you to Selma and Insensato cafe livraria for the invitation and for being great hosts.

Lunch time sandwiches
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